• Gears, Gear Shafts, Cross spiders

    Production of spur gears, helical gears, planetary gears, ring gears, sun gears, gears with internal grooves.

  • Shafts for passenger cars

    Production of gear shafts for passenger cars starters on automated production lines in millions annual quantities.

  • Other cooperation facilities

    Hardening of teeth face and heel by Shot peening technology, hard turning , deep drilling and other ways of machining which depend on accesable technologies.


Almost 70 year history in gears production

AVC Raková, a.s. company is a leading Slovak manufacturer of gears, geared shafts,assembly units and components for automotive industry, construction and agricultural machines.The mission of AVC Raková, a.s. is to satisfy requests of customers, employees and shareholders respecting environmental requests.


Automotive components

AVC Raková, a.s. offers high quality products with accent to quality requests, suppliers selection and maximum customers satisfaction. The main production program consists of gears, shafts, differentials and castings machining.


Inovácia procesu výroby v spoločnosti AVC Raková, a.s.


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